How to Drive a Woman Wild in Bed: Hot Tips

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You might be sitting there thinking that giving a woman the most amazing time in bed is just not possible. Well you would be wrong there! If you know what you are doing, you can drive a woman wild in bed with effortless ease. Research has shown that most men have no idea what they are doing in the bedroom. They think they are pleasing their women but they really have no idea what they are doing.

The majority of women out there can only reach orgasm when they pleasure themselves. This is a pretty sad state of affairs. If you follow these amazing tips on how to drive a woman wild in bed, you will get her reaching spine tingling orgasms in no time.

Keep your Eyes on the Breasts

A woman’s breasts are extremely sensitive, if you touch and play with them right. I can guarantee you that you will start the process right, and she will eventually reach a toe curling climax. Prior to touching her breasts though, make sure you touch other sensual parts of her body to get her really raring to go.

When you are touching her though, make sure that you are really gentle with her. Touch her breasts in a gentle and sensual manner. Do not be too rough when it comes to her breasts because she will not like it. When you are massaging her breasts, do it in a circular motion, and do it as gentle as you can. Tease her too when it comes to this kind of foreplay, you need to save the best for last. Therefore, don’t go straight for the nipples. Try and touch around her nipples first and then go for the nipples.

The whole point of this type of caressing is that you are building her up to a tremendous climax.

Erotic and Sensual Lovemaking

One of the number one things that will ensure that you are an excellent lover is that you are enjoying it. You don’t want to think too much when you are making love. This is the worst thing that you could do. You want to do it naturally; it should come to you like the air that you breathe.

A lot of men out there view sex as being a way to boost their ego and that is it. They don’t see it as love making, or a sensual way of expressing their feelings for a woman. One thing you need to remember is this, you need to try and make the sex last long for your partner. You should not view sex as being a means to an end. You start, ejaculate and then just finish, all in one full swoop.

You should view sex in a delicate and intimate way. If you view it like this, and you treat your woman with care and affection, you will get it right every single time. You need to kiss her, touch her, caress her and make her feel special. This way you will hit the right spot every single time when it comes to your woman.

Another thing you need to remember is, you don’t want to see one particular place on her body as being the “hot spot.” You want to see her entire body as one giant hot spot! Therefore, you want to think about pleasing her entire body rather than just one part of her body.

If you follow these simple tips, you will no doubt be able to please your woman every single time! If you want to drive the woman crazy, follow the tips above you will be getting it right every single time in no time at all.

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